Luna - Accessing apps on other desktops


Hi there,
I got my Luna at the weekend!! YEYY great job folks it works great. It’s so nice to be able to work fullscreen on the iPad without resorting to screenRes x or resizing the app window to fit the mirrored display area :slight_smile: And it’s great to be able to have video running on there at full speed too.
I’m just wondering though whether it is currently possible to access the other desktops from my iPad when using Luna. Say, for example, I’m sitting on the couch and my dog has made herself comfortable on my lap, and I decide to open up a new app (that I previously forgot to assign to “display 2”) it opens on my main monitor and I can’t figure a way to get it onto my iPad without getting up and dragging it over on my desktop and in the process disturbing the adorable ball of fluff that’s snoring on my lap.
Also when i open a finder window from the iPad it automatically opens on the main monitors desktop.
This is very rarely an issue as most of the time I am at my desk but it would be super handy to know if there is something that I’ve missed?!


Well I’m gonna go ahead and answer this myself :slight_smile:
To move the app onto the iPad you can do a three finger tap and hold on the screen to enter hover mode then use the Apple Pencil and tap at the bottom of the screen and the dock will pop up. From there you can tap and hold on the app icon and choose options/assign to desktop 2, and it will appear on your iPad… sweeet !
You will also find the Finder icon in the dock so you can assign that to desktop 2 as well.
So no need to disturb any sleeping dogs.


Thanks for sharing! Does Spaces work with Luna?

Best regards,
Andrew Phang


Hi Andrew,
I did try that, but the spaces seem to be separated per “monitor” so I couldn’t find a way to access the spaces of a different monitor but you can set up new spaces on your iPad which could be handy
Best regards