Looks like Duet.app solved some issues

I don’t want to sound lame but I just updated Duet.app and it seems they finally introduced the Apple Pencil pressure levels.
I waited for an update on Astropad to get rid of pixelation for so long, they stated mid-june but now I hear they’re talking about the end of the year.

Some PRO I find in Duet is that it’s not just mirroring the main screen (which you can do, too), you have a secondary monitor like on a Cintiq.
You select the pixel resolution, you have 60 and 30 fps, it works on a PC too.
I can easily stay connected with USB instead of being working on the couch if that means no pixelation.

Now I’m just wondering about why should I have to keep waiting for an update when it seems the guys at Astropad don’t want to listen to the community requests that are mainly about the pixelation issue that makes Astropad almost unusable in application like Zbrush.

I loved Astropad and it was the main reason why I moved from the Cintiq to the iPad Pro, but I think I’ll drop it and go steady for Duet.app, since I don’t see all of the color/resolution/compression artifacts if compared to Astropad that should make me think that Astropad is better.

Sorry but I’m a bit disappointed.

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Hi There,
I am very sorry to hear about your frustrations with Astropad and the team behind it. I can assure you our team is focused 100% on making Astropad the best drawing tablet for professional artist. I am going to try to address all the issues you are talking about in your post, but please get in touch with me at g(at)astro-hq.com, that way we can schedule a phone call. I would be interested in addressing your concerns behind our company and our mission.

About Duet
Duet makes a lot of compromises which are unacceptable for a quality screen image. Perhaps with ZBrush color accuracy and other screen artifacts might be affecting you less. However at Astropad our mission is to provide a pixel perfect image quality with no compromise. Take a look at the comparison image below: same screen via Duet and Astropad.

Yes Duet currently is better than Astropad with large screen updates. We are aware of the issue, we are working super hard to resolve that and preserve the uncompromising image quality Astropad is famous for.

Image quality
Astropad uses a new image technology we call Liquid. Duet uses h264 (a standard video engine), which is designed for playing movie on youtube for example, but it is not really suitable for a pixel perfect video output. Again take a look at the color accuracy of the red in the sample image above. Because we are creating new tech, it takes more time to develop but we believe the investment will pay off.

About Pixelation
Reducing pixelation is our top priority. Innovative technology such as Liquid is hard. We are inventing a new image format and video codec. The future cannot come soon enough, but I can assure you we are working super hard on it. By the end of summer we are planning to release Astropad v2, which will improve pixelation drastically. By the end of the year also we have new enhancements planned.

About not listening
We are doing our best to listen & communicate with our users, I am sorry you think we are out of touch with our community. We will need to double down on it.

Again happy to have a phone call and go through more of your concerns. email me at g(at)astro-hq.com

Giovanni Donelli
Cofounder & Head of Product


I don’t like Duet’s price model. It reminds me of console games … cheap up front and then never ending payments thereafter. No thanks. I do that with Adobe, but they are my one consolation to that price model. I’m not going for being nickle and dimed into the future. “In App Purchase” pfft

Same for me. Paying a monthly fee just to have Apple Pencil support is a no go.

Astropad just announced the same pricing model today though. So if you want the premium features seems like subscription is the standard.

And at triple the price. Ouch. I was just singing Astropad’s praises on Reddit in comparison to Duet and now I feel foolish. I can’t justify paying half as much as I pay annually for Photoshop and Lightroom for Astropad Studio. And with zero thanks for buying the original product in the past year.

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If everything they are offering is true. Then $64.99 a year isn’t even that bad for a professional. Most people spend more then that on drinks in one night. Not to mention other nonsense. Plus, you have a free trial. Also, if you purchased the astropad with in the last 90 days you get a 3 month trial. Not a bad trade of, right?

In fact Astropad will be continued like it is. It’s a new product “Astropad Studio” that will be on a monthly fee basis. Anyway, I feel like I would really take the best of Astropad Studio. But I’m already “on the other side of the mountain” Closing my actual subscription to Photoshop and switched on Affinity Photo for a paid once product. After 4 years of adobe new way of making money, I don’t want to go on a subscription model anymore for any product.

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Yeah, professionals want a tool that works… but are those features really worth $64.99 a year. That is how the product should have been designed over a year ago.

The Adobe suite lets me access 10 fully featured programs across platform and they are all best in industry and have been for years.

Well, that’s the thing. Have you ever used the first version of photoshop or illustrator? Compare to now it was pretty awful. Over many many many years Adobe has updated and improvement their feature and products. Meanwhile building such a large client bases that they can afford to provide their product at the price they do. Astropad, however, hasn’t been around that long and has no where near the clients bases to do what Adobe does. I’m sure they will keep improving and offering better services.

As a professional i can say this. For about 3 months I researched the wacom mobile studio pro and some wacom cintiq products as means for to draw, 3d sculpt, & other tasks. $2,400+. Finding Astropad solved that problem for me & saved me a bit over $1,200. Instead i bought an iPad Pro + Apple Pencil + astropad. I just spent the last few hour doing a head sculpt in zbrush with out any issues. So, for me i would say it’s worth it.

I don’t think it’s overpriced, I’d definitely pay $65 a year. I’m still on Standard but want to get Pro once it gets a bit better.

And you can’t compare to Adobe, I know you get more programs, but it’s so much more expensive.

With Astropad standard not working properly with my iPad Pro 12"9 and the price asked for Studio (8€50!) I turned back to Duet Display and find out that they changed their pricing policy, going out of the monthly fee to tag once and for all for the Pro version which support Apple pen. I suggest everyone that disagree with the way Astropad is going now to consider this…

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I downloaded the Astropad Studio trial today and I’m quite disappointed with it. It’s better than Astropad Standard, the image is not pixelated anymore and the colors are closer to my main display’s colors but after about 5 seconds running astropad my computer started to run hot and I still have problems with lagging. These are problems I don’t have with Duet Pro. I think Duet Pro’s colors are better too. So really, I don’t see why I would be so crazy to spend €72/year for Astropad Studio when the much cheaper alternative works way better for me. For me there’s no point in having a wireless connection or customisable gestures if the basics aren’t even working well.
Though I’m sure it all depends on what your set up is, I’ve heard some people who really love Astropad Studio and don’t experience the problems I have, but for me Duet Pro comes out better.
And wonderful to hear Duet Pro has switched from the subscription model to a one time payment policy, I think that was a very smart step on their account.

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They also updated their software about the Apple pen support and it is working way better now. It’s not perfect and it doesn’t have the feature and little goodies of Astropad Studio, but it’s really usable, and really work better than Astropad standard for me.

Duet Pro was never a monthly subscription. It is a yearly subscription of $20/year
It’s still set up that way. The Pro quality is getting better really quickly though.


Hmm I mostly use Photoshop and sometimes Corel with both Astropad and Duet so I don’t know much about Clip Studio. I have experimented with Affinity Designer and some others in my workflow but they don’t stick.

If that’s really what happens they would definitely need to fix that! :confused: But I only said it was getting better fast, not that it was perfect. Also was pointing out to Arnaud and Ine that both apps are still subscription so they shouldn’t make the decision based on that. If I remember correctly Astro only supported Photoshop for a while so I’m sure you guys know it takes time to make it work with every software.

At the end of the day I’m a user so I want all the competition I can get cause it makes my options better. And right now the options as a digital artist are great! There’s Astropad, Duet, Surface Studio and new Wacoms for digital drawing tools.