Lasso pixellation issue iPad Pro, CS6 Photoshop



I’ve noticed with the most recent version whenever I use the lasso tool or make a selection of an area to edit, the area inside the selection becomes pixellated. I’m using Astropad via wifi-

Is this possibly a bug or is there a setting or adjustment which can solve this?

Otherwise I’m getting more used to using AstroPad and think it’s brilliant!



We are working on it!

Short explanation: Pixelation is expected and by design. We are optimized for displaying high quality still images over WiFi. We will work to push our technology even further to minimize that.

Long explanation: If a large change occurs on your Mac screen and we are unable to keep up, we show pixelated content. This is a signal that we don’t have the full screen in yet, and that the screen image is loading. Astropad is honest, when the image is clear, you are assured what you see is the actual content, artifact free.

Sending high image quality over WiFi is really challenging. Ever wonder why we don’t have wireless TVs? or Wireless computer displays? It’s really really hard to do.


Thanks for the quick reply. I’ll try a usb connection to see if there’s a difference.

I do like how intuitive Astropad feels already to my work flow-


I’ve noticed this as well, I was hoping to be able to use astropad and the apple pencil for very fine tuned, accurate and fast lasso selection, the moving dashed line that photoshop creates renders the astropad screen unusable as it gets incredibly pixelated.

Perhaps you can create a PS plugin that changes the moving selection line to a static one to mitigate this?


Hi everyone,

Same issue on my iPad pro connected with usb or wifi. Hope you’ll manage to avoid the problem.
If someone know how to change the selection line in photoshop share it :wink:



@twatator Hi Noé,

We’re working on further reducing pixelation. What is your Mac’s model and year? As well as OS X?


You could hide the ‘marching ants’ with command-h… So the screen does not need to update everytime. This prevents pixelation. see


What is your Mac’s model and year? As well as OS X?