Krita 3 and Astropad on Mac



I will let you know when/if I install Duet Display.

Meanwhile there are 2 alternative options for you to make animation with freewares: Blender and OpenToonz.

They both are supported by astropad.

Blender is mostly known as a 3D software but developped quite a powerful 2D animation module called “grease pencil”, you can see examples on youtube etc…

Opentoonz is an open source version of Toonz, a program used by studio ghibli (anime)! it is way more powerful than Krita, but yeah, learning curve is not the same…



Thanks @Pyrrhon4484 .

I might look at the open source toons and see how we get on. Though I must admit the simplicity of Krita is part of its appeal.

We’re a small animation studio in South West England and generally live and breath After Effects and a spot of 3d. So I’m now trying to find the best way to build some more cel animation fluid motion into our productions to help raise the bar a bit higher.



Krita 3.3.1 is out and there a change with astropad: when I try to draw it no longer moves the canvas… you can see the magenta line doing fine but no paint staying on the canvas…

Duet Display is out of budget for now…



Krita 3.3.2 is out today!

And it is… working! More or less!

I was playing with the mouse and then the pen and at one point it reproduces what the pen did, and even better : it was pressure sensitive…

Now, I reproduced the thing 2 times… otherwise nothing is happening…

I try to find a solution and let you all know!


Krita 4 is out in pre-alpha

Astropad works perfect but well, it is a pre alpha…

Maybe someone can figure out what is the difference that makes it work???