Krita 3 and Astropad on Mac



I read other people have the problem, is there a solution?

When I start drawing the first stroke is fine.

Then it just pans pans pans…

Thanks for the help!



Hi Jb,

In Krita, go to Preferences, then “Display”, and uncheck OpenGL. Even if it wasn’t enabled at first, checking and then unchecking it should resolve the issue.

If not, try to install Krita 2.9 for now and see if the same issue occurs.


Didn’t work :confused: It does work in 2.9 but then I can’t make animation

I also tested the 3.0.1 Alpha


It’s mentioned on their download info that these versions are not fully stable for OS X.
According to their blog, when 3.1 is release will be when they officially support OS X.



Actually they say : Here is the fourth Krita 3.1 beta! From the Krita 3.1 on, Krita will officially support OSX. All OSX users are urged to use this version instead of earlier “stable” versions for OSX. We’re releasing a fourth beta because of more changes to the code that actually saves your images… We’ve tried to make it much safer, but please do test this!

Still, this version didn’t work!



Yes, but it is still in beta testing.

We will be keeping an eye on their release;
but there is not much we can do unfortunately, especially if the program is still in beta.


I’m on 3.1.3, actually bought a ipad pro thinking I could animate here with astropad and krita. but krita keeps panning for some reason.


“— Comment #1 from wolthera
That is a problem with astropad, I’m afraid. We do not own astropad software,
the ipad pro or the like, so we cannot do anything from our side at all. I
think you’re best off trying to figure out if the astropad is sending a middle
mouse click or something and configure it in the canvas input settings.”


Astropad team, do you mind explaining how to disable the middle mouse click that is sent to Krita that is causing this problem, please? Super annoying.


We’ll have to look into how Astropad interacts with Krita.

Apologies for any disappointment.


That was my experience, installed, tested with Krita, uninstalled. Then had to figure out how to remove my Studio subscription.

I don’t know why companies don’t spend more energy in Open Source apps first, instead of “Adobe” rich people’s apps.

Krita is open source and super popular! The same people who’d support Astropad.


Also, Astropad support is extremely slow. I guess Astropad is a sideproject?! Anyway, it was made public that Apple is working on a similar feature for iOS and might be announced in a few weeks in the dev conf.


@Pyrrhon4484 I’m wondering if you found a solution to animate in the ipad? I’m using this app (apparently the most popular, tried different ones or almost all) but it sucks really bad, so wonder if you found a solution? Thanks


I am having the same issue with Krita and Astropad. Would be great to get a fix!



@heldrida drida Sorry for the late answer. No I didn’t find any solution! :confused:

It’s a shame as Krita is so promising, especially the animation module!


SmithMicro have a promotion for Clip Studio Paint Ex, with the animation tool; I haven’t tested yet, but bought the license that is 80 usd. And apparently Astropad full supports it (according to Astropad docs). I may leave a comment here after I tested, somewhere this week @Pyrrhon4484


I found a sort of work around… If you go Krita>Preferences>Canvas Input Settings,
then go to Pan Canvas category, you can delete the option for middle click = pan.

Then go to the Tool Invocation and make a new setting for middle mouse button = activate, it sort of works…

However astrodpad seems to think that once you click, you never release the click (touching the apple pencil to the screen then lifting it doesn’t unclick, I don’t know how to describe it better haha) so you end up getting straight lines jumping around where ever you touch the canvas next.

I haven’t been able to get past this, which is a shame cause the pen pressure seems to register well ): I was hoping this would work since FireAlpaca wont register pen pressure via astropad.


I’ve never heard before of Krita and I downloaded because of this post, the software is great, most important of all, tools performs awesome, is a shame it isn’t compatible with Astropad in anyway, I would like to test with the apple pencil, but ignoring this fact, Krita is a little buggy and inestable in general, but nothing to complain, I mean is free and open source, I didn’t payed anything for it and someone with knowledge can modify the Mac side to make it work better.
The main problem in the topic of compatibility with Astropad, is that nobody (Krita and Astropad team) knows where is the problem, once the problem is located, they (Astropad or Krita) can start to work to solve this.


It has been ages now… when will astropad support Krita???

I just installed 3.3.0 and I still get the same error… I don’t think it is krita’s problem to make it compatible.

Apparently the people at astropad don’t care.

I barely used Astropad and wish they would refund people like us who dont have enough money to afford a license for Corel Painter.

I’d like to try Duet Display they seem to be compatible with a lot more programs.


I’d love to know when this gets resolved.

I’ve got as far as those above, reassigning the middle mouse button but again it does not detect when you lift the pencil off the screen and creates straight lines between each touch point.

I was hoping to use Krita as our goto software for any short pieces of cel animation… I may have to bite the bullet and look into one of the paid options… :frowning: