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Kick ass Female

i love to draw kick ass females, and since a saw an astropad review on one of my favorite blogs i wanted to try it, at the beginning I was a little skeptical about the quality and workflow with astropad, because there is pretty much always some kind of issue with this type of software, but I think Astropad is the exception, the quality and detail you can achieve it is surprising and I did not even use a stylus with pressure sensor ( only because I have not yet decided which one to buy :frowning: ).
So if you’re a creative person I think this will be the best creative experience you have with your ipad. Great work, Astropad team and congratulations , I see great possibilities with this software.

Here with the first experience I had with astropad, it was great !!!


What program did you draw this in?

This one was made with photoshop!

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