Keyboard with iPad pro


I am new to Astropad. I am using an iPad pro and I am not able to use my wireless apple keyboard. It works in other applications but cannot get it to work with Illustrator while using astsropad.
I am using the latest version of Illustrator, iPad pro, and apple pencil.
The apple keyboard works in notes but does nothing when I am working in Illustrator/astropad.
Please help!



Unfortunately, we don’t have full keyboard support right now :pensive: But this is a common feature request and we will eventually be adding it.

For now, I recommend pairing the keyboard to your Mac instead of your iPad. That should do the trick (your Mac will have to be close enough to be in Bluetooth range)


I’m glad to hear that keyboard support is coming. I really love Astropad. Really. You guys have done an amazing job of creating a magical product that just works. Using the keyboard in Adobe apps is a big part of my workflow, though. Not a problem when I’m in front of my Mac, but in other parts of the building I can’t use the Mac’s keyboard. I have a Bluetooth keyboard for my iPad pro, but it’s often out of range of the Mac. Full keyboard support would make Astropad the product of my dreams (gentle nudge). Keep up the great work, guys!


Cool I give the idea of blue tooth to desk top a go, should work in theory.

If it helps any as a user I do quite a lot of editing on iPad and interface with the said OSX Mac, where by the tablet is just that an interface tablet nothing more than a pick up walk about and work. I enjoy this method as I am not tied to the desk and one room.

New methods = more ideas


Ps mronge so when is the keyboard common request planned to be released ?
Regards Rob