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Just wanted to say "thanks" to the Astropad team

I saw your recent post showing the progress on Windows, and am looking forward to it. I have Astropad Standard @ the moment, and, when I am first able, plan on upgrading to Astropad Studio when you make the jump to Windows. My personal/side project system is a self-built PC, so it is much appreciated (tablet monitors, regardless of the company selling them, tend to have much harsher light than an iPad Pro, so I am anxious to use it).

For my day job, I use a MacBook Pro and a work-issued iPad Pro (I do not do personal work on either, as they then become property of my employer). While I recently tried out Sidecar, I found I preferred Astropad Standard, as the stroke quality seemed to be better out of the box for my needs, and so it is still my preferred tool (that, and I’ve found weird technical issues with other team members’ iPad Pros not connecting via Sidecar for odd glitchy reasons…an issue I’ve never had w/ Astropad).

As for the Photoshop port coming to iPad Pro, I’m not optimistic with Adobe, especially as I found their new Fresco app lacking.

The point being, your team has been at it for more than a few years (before the iPad Pro was even a thing), and the quality shows.

FWIW, I have used other programs in conjunction w/ Windows in the past, such as Duet Display Pro and EasyCanvas, and they’re nowhere close to your app’s performance. Amongst my circle of graphics professionals and both professional and aspiring artists, you’re who I recommend to watch out for, regardless of platform.

And, all things considered, the only real complaint i’ve ever had was that it wasn’t on Windows already, which I imagine is tough to do with a little over a dozen employees.

In closing, just wanted to say thank you for your work, and I look forward to using it in additional new ways in the future.

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