Just got my Luna Displays!


My two-pack of Luna Displays arrived today. I only expect to use one of them (my original use case for the other one got replaced by a physical second monitor) but so far this is working out really nicely. Once I got the Astropad app updated both on my iPad and my Mac, setup was a cinch, aside from installing the retina support (which required a bit of finagling since the setup process didn’t detect when I’d allowed the extension to install so I had to cancel and try again - not a huge deal but probably a good idea to improve that first-time experience for folks who aren’t clear on what’s going on).

Setting it up to extend or to mirror, both ways work great and it’s a way better situation than I had with my dummy HDMI adapter before. IT’s so nice actually having the right aspect ratio and having things just work!

Hopefully I’ll be able to spend some real time with it tomorrow, which is my Working On Art day.


Okay, quick question for the devs: what is the purpose of the flashing red light on the device? It seems to only go when Astropad isn’t running? Either way it’s annoying; am I expected to remove the Luna Display every time I’m not actively using it? Because I’d rather not, due to it being so small and easily-misplaced.

Also, is there any way to have it support a portrait orientation rather than landscape? I’d really love to have more vertical space than horizontal sometimes.


I’m also wishing I could make it default to the non-retina mode, so my UI is smaller. Retina mode makes Photoshop’s UI take up way too much of the screen.

I’d also love if more scale factors/virtual resolutions were available, like 1668x1251 would be great

(or maybe I’ll just upgrade to a 12.9" iPad Pro when the next version comes out or something)


Glad to hear that you’ve received your Lunas :smiley:
And great that they’re working. Love that “Working On Art day” now includes Astropad + Luna!

The flashing was a debug feature we left turned on, and it indicates Luna is alive and working.
But we will push a firmware update to fix that in the future. Thanks for the feedback!

Also, interesting suggestion/request. What size iPad are you using? We’ll have to see what we can do about resolutions, but it’s a good idea for sure.

And we are currently working on bringing portrait mode support to Luna, we appreciate your patience as we’re refining things with Luna.


I have the 10.5" iPad Pro (second generation).

Oh and I spent plenty of time with it Tuesday and it’s very nice, yeah. Definitely worth the wait, and it just feels so much better than Astropad alone or using the dummy display to try to get a 4:3 aspect. I’m definitely recommending this to my artist friends, at least until Photoshop releases their rumored iOS version. :slight_smile:


My Luna display arrived and it exceeds expectations! Installation was straightforward; speed and clarity of images on my iPad Pro are exceptional. Convenience of setup can’t be beat. Fantastic piece of kit!


@Tpf1952 That’s great! So happy to hear :blush:


I’ve had mine quite a while now and for me portrait mode is a very important feature. Hoping to see this implemented soon.


I’ve mine for several weeks but because of the lack of portrait mode so far it’s useless for me. I’m really not happy that Luna Display is advertised as an external display because those can be rotated normally!


+1 for portrait mode. I write a lot of code and prefer to have a portrait orientation. It would be great if the development team made this a priority. Thanks— the product has been great so far!


Any idea of the time frame on this? It’s now Jan '19 and still no portrait support.


@Title_Unknown We’re actively working to bring this to Luna and are keeping in mind how important this feature is! Unfortunately we don’t have an exact timeframe on when this will be available yet.

We’ll definitely post info when we’re closer to having this feature in a release.

Again, thanks for the patience and let us know if there are more questions.