iPad screen damage from pressure?


Hi everyone.

I recently purchased Astropad for retouching in photoshop. My work colleague asked the question “over time using pencil sensitivity could it damage the iPad screen (by pressing hard)?

Can the sensitivity be adjusted in the app?


I use a matte-textured screen protector. I’ve worn down nibs and have been through a few different screen protectors. The glass beneath is just fine on my 2015 iPad Pro 12.9". I don’t know about Standard Astropad, but I think it can be adjusted in Studio. I adjust sensitivity in the apps themselves, though, at least in those apps that support it.


Nope still on first nib and no screen protector.
If an issue like this happened the company’s would put a screen protector on before selling item.
Bought IPP 2016 December I think used 5 times a week like working 5 days a week.
Hope that helps.

Get a Wacom tablet if any concerns your not go wrong their.
Bullet professional prove. With way more details really zoom into images.