iPad Pro Stands


Can you point me to a link to get the iPad Pro stand that was shown in your new promo video? It looks like a nice, stable platform at a very good angle for sketching. Thanks in advance, and thanks for a great piece of software!


Hey Zootpix, looks like they’re using ParcSlope - https://www.twelvesouth.com/product/parcslope


Thanks moniwray, that’s the one. About $50.00 by the way.


Yup that’s the ParcSlope by our friends at Twelvesouth


Can anyone tell me what lap stand is being used towards the end of the commercial?


For me, the best, is also one of the other stands shown in the new promos.


It was using Astropad with my iPad Pro that lead me to design a laptop riser with a built in tablet stand that I could use with the Apple Pencil for better drawing ergonomics.

We added the ‘La-Stand’ to our product range a few months ago, but I was just reading the ‘Create Workspace Setup Guide’ and realised I hadn’t shared it with the community here!

So, if you use an iPad Pro with Astopad and your laptop, this is made just for you:

Perfect for sketching, photo editing and vector work.

They’ll be on Amazon in the next few days, but you can buy them from us direct for £45 with free UK shipping (we do ship internationally too):

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Here are few top quality iPad Pro Stands https://www.indabaa.com/best-ipad-stands-tablet-holders/ for every kind of purpose. Also, they are then ParcSlope.