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Ipad Pro Lags difference EMR stylus?

Hey there! Considering to buy an Ipad pro 2017 because i suffer of eye strain for all other device that are using PWM, actually im using a Galaxy Book and drawing on Photoshop is really good, but headhace 24/7.

I would like to know, how much lag difference could be compared to an EMR stylus, like a cintiq or just wacom stylus.

And also, how is your experience in photoshop? I personally could buy a Cintiq, but i dont, cause of PWM, Jitter, Parallax and such other cables stuff!..

How much wifi and cable will affect lag performance?

It performs great, Is better with cable but wireless is also impressive.

I haven’t used Astropad on a Wacom, only iPad Pro and Apple pencil.

I personally experience no lag using Wifi.

My experience in Photoshop is great!

Hope that helps in making your decision :).


I had a Cintiq and I sold it because AstroPad on the iPad Pro was way, way better.

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