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Ipad pro gets hot using Astropad with usb cable

Hi to all!
I’m using Astropad for work almost everyday with Photoshop on my MacBook Pro Retina (late 2013).
I use an iPad Pro 12,9” 2018 (1tb) and connect it to the Macbook with the usb cable.

What is annoying is that the iPad gets hot after a few I use it, just because I suppose it consume battery while it’s charged at the same time by the cable connection.
So I’m wondering:

  • is this normal?
  • Whould this risk to harm the iPad battery in long period usage?
  • Is there any way to avoid this overheating without use the wi-fi connection (that doesn’t work as well as the cable ones for me)?

No one have such experience working with Astropad via cable?

I have basically the same setup, but a mid 2015 MacBook Pro. I doubt it has anything to do with Astropad. My iPad Pro gets hot using it connected with astropad or on its own. I draw using an app called Clip Studio which has a full desktop version and a mobile version which is exactly the same as the desktop version. Either way, connected to the laptop or not, the iPad gets pretty hot. I wouldn’t worry too much about it but if it concerns you, I’d take the iPad to Apple.

Umm very hot sounds something is incorrect
Battery getting hot ?
When charging as normal as in with power cable Apple charger iPad not getting hot, usb plugged into Mac book pro
iPad never gets hot.

Which country are you working from ?

I’m from Italy.
I’m not sure if it’s the battery charging that gets hot or if it’s due to the processor that works hard to manage the screen mirroring from the Mac Book at 2560x1600.
When the iPad is in charge , both via Apple charger and usb cable on Mac Book Pro, doesn’t get hot. Only when I use intensively Astropad via usb cable.