iPad Pro color problems


Hello, everyone!

I am having an issue with my iPad Pro using Astropad on my Macbook Pro w/ Retina and Photoshop CC 2017 where when I am using my pencil in Photoshop, the color on my iPad changes to a lightish pink hue and a box pixelates around my cursor.

It is a random issue that has occurred after the most recent update.

Is there something that I can do to fix this problem? I searched the forums and hadn’t found a solution, or I simply missed it.

This is the same problem as Pixelation, lagging and distorting so I am contacting support(at)astro-hq.com


Given that I have already paid for Astropad, I don’t see how this is a solution.


Hi Ceus,

I’m sorry about that bug. We are looking into a fix for it. To help us debug, what kind of monitor and ColorSync profile do you have setup for it?

We do have a workaround:

In the Astropad Mac app hold down the option while clicking the preferences button:

Then you will see a new tab appear in the preferences called Debug. Click that and then disable ColorSync:

That will turn off ColorSync which is the source of this bug.

I hope that helps,


I’m using my MacBook’s screen. There is nothing happening on that screen, just the iPad Pro when drawing.

I am using sRGB profile. I will try your suggestion when I get back home.

It’s not so much a problem, more of an annoyance because the color changes back to normal when I pull my pen away from the screen.

If there is anything else you’d like me to try as well I will do so. I enjoy being a guinea pig. Lol.


This definitely fixed the issue! Thank you for the quick reply and resolution.


Can you please stop trolling threads if you aren’t going to be useful? I think color matches have their place (in working condition).


I was not trolling. This is a sincere question as you get the app to work the same way as me, I was wondering if color correction was a problem to you.


The color matches what is on my screen, so I suppose it works fine. I think that ColorSync will work for certain screens but not in every situations.