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iPad pro/Apple pencil: Pressure sensitivity in Illustrator CC

Is there a possibility to use pressure sensitivity in illustrator CC when using the apple pencil?

Pressure sensitivity in illustrator is turned on only when there are Wacom drivers installed :frowning:

We are trying to talk to Adobe to figure out a better solution, but in the meantime the workaround is to install a Wacom driver.

yeah, we dont like it either… sorry.

Any Wacom drivers will do ?

I use this one:
Until now it works perfect, thanks :slight_smile:


Any Wacom drivers will do ? same question

I am not sure how Illustrator works, but I suspect that is the case

I tried the actual one and it works for me. So just download one from wacom and try …

Thanks guys ! Now just waiting for the Apple Pencil to go the iPadPro way !

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Does the workaround only work wit iPad Pro, or with other iPads?

the driver is for the Mac so it affects all iPads, but you need a pressure sensitive stylus of course

Live savers! Thanks guys!

After updating to Illustrator 19.2.0 there is no pressure sensitivity in illustrator anymore. Any idea?

We havent seen that issue, I assume the Wacom drivers are installed just fine?

Yes, and it worked fine before. but now, no chance. Is there anyone with Illustrator 19.2.0 without the problem?

I’ve just reinstalled my system to optimize the screen res of AstroPad and decided not to install the wacom drivers. If you create a pressure sensitive brush, it works flawlessly with the Apple pencil without the Wacom Drivers.

Here are my settings.

This brush works with side shading and fine drawing and variable width based on your pt size thickness.

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Can we have more step by steps direction on how to get make the custom brush? (ie how did you get to the first screen?)
I suspect a lot of people less familiar with Illustrator will really benefit from it.

Thank you so much!

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Here is a quick guide to creating Pressure Sensitive and Side Shading Brushes in Illustrator CC 2015 that are compatible with the Apple Pencil / iPad Pro and Astropad.

If Illustrator is not already installed, you can download a 30 day trial from Adobe Creative Cloud.

  1. Launch Illustrator and open the Brushes Palette.

  2. Click On Brush Options Popup Menu.

  3. Create a New Brush.

  4. Select Bristle Brush.

  5. For maximum pressure sensitivity select a Round Point to start.

  6. Test the Brush while varying the brush pressure and tilt.

  7. Try different brush thicknesses in the Bristle Brush Options window and/or in the Stroke Palette.

  8. Experiment with different tips and settings. Also test side shading with the Apple Pencil.

Enjoy using making vector illustrations with AstroPad and the iPad Pro with your favorite Stylus.


Hi everyone - I installed the latest wacom driver (I don’t have a wacom tablet or stylus) but it doesn’t appear to have done anything as I am still not able to select pressure for the brushes. I also tried making a brush as described above which worked ok but I am still not getting good sensitivity or variation of line. I have an Apple pencil and iPad pro. Please forgive me if I missed something in this thread or others as I am new here. Thank you in advance!

Which driver did you install? Please send us an email to support [at]

I have an Intuous Pro Medium wacom tablet with corresponding driver installed - pressure sensitivity with Apple Pencil worked for me straight up. I just selected “Touch Calligraphic Brush” from the default list of Illustrator brush types (as per image below) - and I was able to draw a lovely variable width line without any changes to defaults or other adjustments.

Like other posters, I initially thought I had no brush sensitivity, but quickly realised that I was using a fixed width brush - so it is worth checking the brush options for your selected brush to ensure that brush size is set to “pressure” and that “variation” is set to a value greater than zero.