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iPad not Charging while plugged via USB - C to USB adapter. Specifically while using Astropad. Drains battery

So it says that is charging, and it does charge while not using Astropad. But while using it it drains within 2 hours or so.

Does the charging icon show on your iPad, when using this connection and Astropad?
And towards the top of Astropad’s sidebar, does it show the connection in use as USB?

It does, both. However the battery still drowns while using it. Keep in mind that i’ve tied this in my iMac retina 5k & the MacBook Pro 2017 (with the adapter in this one).

It’s super inconvenient because I use the iPad with Astropad for hours at a time, and it always runs out of battery after 4 hours of intensive use or so.

In general with iPad Pro models, don’t have the best battery charging.
Keeping it connected should help maintain a charge; but if it’s not with using USB to USB-C adaptor,
we would suggest trying the direct Apple USB-C to Lightning cord and see if there’s a difference.

You can also try lowering the brightness of your iPad screen, and see if there’s less battery draining.