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I can't mirror full screen on my iPad, it won't let me zoom and stay there to draw on Astropad

Can anybody help me with this? Every time I try to mirror the display black bars appear, and when I Try To use the zoom feature it automatically resizes the screen. I also have a Luna, could that be part of the problem? Video Included:slight_smile:

I Know I could use it as a second display, and there it works great, but I’d also like to use it like a Cintiq.

Weird. Were you able to figure it out? The only reason why its not showing up without black bars is because you need luna. Luna will automatically set up itself as a second display. Though, also without luna you can resize the screen yourself. But you said you have Luna lol

With Luna after start up…
Have you tried going into custom—> Arrangement and clicked Mirror?
Only way that I can think of where you can use it as a Cintiq :thinking: