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How Can I run programs from ipad?

Greetings Astro cadets! I just subscribed to the Astro Studio and wanted to get started…I am going to start asking a few newbe questions. Hope you don’t mind.

As soon as I start Astro pad on my studio, I get connected to my Mac . which is wonderful!
Can I initiate run command from my iPad in the Livingroom without walking to the studio room to start zbrush program on the Mac?

Cheers, Behrooz

Next Question is can I use my iPhone as keyboard input to the iPad?(see wacom express key remote )

Can we use Voice control with Astro Pad to navigate Apps like Zbrush menus? (

Not sure Rooz,

Give it a go and let us all know who you get on please.
Most you can do, but not say wake up computer from the ipad say. In my experiences Zbrush and ipad would be better working close together.

Speed wifi etc

Regards Rob