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Hover with iPad Pro

So I’ve read that the iPad hardware doesn’t really support hover detection like a Wacom tablet. Makes sense.

Could you do create an on screen button or keyboard shortcut that you could hold down to simulate a hover? In other words you keep the stylus in contact with the


Good idea. I think the finger detection would be good to be used as hover.


Yeah! I like that idea. i mean it would definitely be a weird user experience…but useful for me in a lot of cases. Maybe it would be turned off by default but it’s something you could turn on in preferences.


Yes please!

This would be nice to have, even if turns out a little awkward. The Apple Pencil is precise, but in Illustrator sometimes you just want the anchor point or path you need to interact with to be highlighted, so you can be certain not to land beside your intended target.

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That would be awesome!

Please do it! Lack of a hover feature is the reason why I also use a wacom cintiq. I’d love to use astropad for everything.

Btw, thanks for making this amazing app!


Is it technically possible to do that? This is a game changer for me.


I would also find this really useful

This would be a great feature!

We would love to see that feature in the future! The lack of a hover function is really the only throwback you have while working with astropad and bigger screens. Thanks for the great app, anyway!

As soon as these hiccups/issues/bugs are worked out I’m in!

this is the exact same idea i had once i tried astropad with cs5. +1 for onscreen hover button that can be placed anywhere (or is at least movable) and is active when pressed and the stylus touches the screen. deactivated upon release allowing the stylus to be on screen or off at that point depending on next desired action. :slight_smile:

Count me in on this one! This is my #1 pain point with using AstroPad.

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Recently managed to generate a hover type effect with Krita 2.9.11 and Astropad, by setting the minimum input required for a stroke in their tablet pressure curve adjustment options in preferences. This also solves the maximum pressure as well allowing you to go all the way to dark with much less pressure. Unfortunately it only works for Krita, which has several instabilities on OS X El Capitan. Still though, shows that the tech is there for a kind of hover for sure.

Agreed; this is needed, as is a “quick!zoom” feature for the micro-sized UI fonts for aging eyes (65!)

my opinion: the hover function would make Astropad + iPad Pro exactly as good as the best Wacom (I’ve got two of them)
it is really sad that this function can’t be implemented because I’d really like to use the ipad pro with Photoshop for drawing.
For the time being this is my biggest issue with Astropad. Problem is this is a game changer.

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