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Hover by dragging finger on iPad Pro

When I’m using the Pencil, it would be really useful to be able to move the cursor (hover) by dragging my finger. In other words, when the Pencil is active, a finger moves the cursor, and the Pencil clicks & drags as usual.

The way it works now (hold a finger on the screen and use the Pencil) works great and is very precise, but a lot of the time convenience would be much more useful. For example, I’m using Astropad mainly with Blender, and the Blender interface uses hover extensively but also uses a lot of keyboard shortcuts, often at the same time. It would be useful to be able to keep one hand on the keyboard.

I searched the forums here but I don’t think this has been suggested before. Any thoughts?


Thanks for the feedback.

Interesting idea.
Would it be hover that is activated only by touch, not Pencil input?
Using finger for cursor hover, and Pencil for the program’s tool/drawing input only?

Yes, that’s exactly what I was thinking.

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We’ll have to see what we can do; at the moment it would be difficult, but will keep it on the list of exploration!

Would be a helpful feature for sure.

Again, thanks for the ideation and detailed request.