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High accuracy mode

Would it be possible to have an accuracy-focused mode to Astropad? I’m imagining a scenario where the accuracy of the strokes is much more important than the speed of the transmission, wifi is poor and tethering by usb is not an option.

For example, imagine using Astropad to hand write and draw comments on a document being projected from a mac in a classroom. A delay of several seconds is not really an issue but accuracy is.

The magenta line on the iPad makes it clear that Astropad is capturing all the nuances of a stroke, but what shows up across a shoddy wifi is a really poor representation with most of the points missing. I’m assuming this is because Astropad is optimised for artistic applications where fast feedback of a stroke is really important.

It would be awesome to have a mode tuned for writing and high accuracy that transmits to the mac with error-correction so it works losslessly over poor networks (at the expense of speed obviously). This would make Astropad much more usable in cases like the example.

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Interesting idea.

What programs are you using with Astropad?
We know there are many users that work with other applications, outside of creative ones,
and would like to get a better idea of which this could apply to.

This is a compelling scenario, and would be something for us to look further into.

I mostly use software I wrote. I’ve tried using Astropad with PDF Expert on the mac and this was a painful experience very much like using a pen that was running out of ink. Had to be constantly erasing and having another go at writing something. That experience put me off trying many more apps with Astropad to drive a presentation.

Currently the only reasonably reliable way of putting handwriting wirelessly on a projector with apple, is to run a program on an iPad, use Airserver or Reflector2 on a mac to make a target for airplay, and have the projector hooked up to the mac. This is a fragile setup where the least capable device is doing all the heavy lifting and it only works with apps that can run on an iPad obviously. So you can’t show any Mathematica simulations, flash, mac only programs, movies stored on disk etc etc. It’s very limited and quirky with the connections.

It would be awesome to have the mac drive everything (which is a solid setup) and have the iPad be an input device on steroids with Astropad. It seems like Astropad is just short of being there already. Just a mode of communication to the mac that assumes the network is poor. If you really want to cut into this space you could add some presenter tools like a pointer mode to draw attention to something on screen for instance.

Really enjoying Astropad by the way!