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Help getting started - selecting multiple paths and menu issues

Hello. Sorry if my questions are really basic - I’m a newbie - I have literally just got my wacom intuos creative stylus and downloaded astropad about 2 hours ago. I use photoshop (ver.CS5) and illustrator (ver. CS6), and I’m linking everything up with my mac book air and iPad mini. I think I have set everything up properly but I am having some teething issues. I can not seem to select multiple paths (shift and click on the keyboard) which I need to group elements of my designs. The side menu in astropad also does not disappear on the iPad, which is making it difficult to see everything on the screen. Does anyone know of a tutorial for an initial design/set-up which I could run through just to get me used to everything? Help would be much appreciated. Thanks. Kayleigh

Hi Kayleigh, tap the white doughnut-y circle to hide and show the astropad sidebar. Are you using Illustrator? I just tested it and selecting multiple paths works with either the selection tool or direct selection tool, using shift click. Alternately you can just drag through all your paths to select everything. Are you using your actual keyboard or the mini astropad keys?

Bumping this as I am having mixed success here.
• Shift-select is not working at all for me.
• Dragging around or through works only a small percent of the time.

Thoughts? Thanks!