Having fun with Astropad and Adobe illustrator!


Not quite finished yet, but having fun so far. Im looking forward to future updates to the app; its so close to being game changing! who needs a Cintiq?!



Close up :slight_smile:


That’s pretty awesome!



Awesome, How are you getting Nice pressure sensitivity in illustrator ? Would you like to help ?



Thanks for taking a look at my work.

I didn’t use pressure sensitivity to create the tones and lighting, just transparency on each respective layer.

I’m continually using astropad and I intend on sharing some tips soon as a movie.

In the mean time I am still working with the app to learn how to utilise it as an effective tool.

Thank you.

Robert Joseph manning.


Thank you freind.

Thanks for taking a look.


Hey guys.

This is the finished piece. Thank you Astropad!

Have a nice day.

Robert Joseph manning.


is there no lag when you run illustrator? and what version are you running? my macbook is a 2011 and running cs6 and i have a lag when i use the pen tool


Cool coloring style :+1: