Green Artefacts then Crash



Bad news! This morning I wanted to start Astropad, but all I get is a split second ipad screen full of green artefacts and then astropad on the mac crashes…

Any ideas?

I am on a mac pro running El Capitan


If possible, can you send a screenshot or video to us at support[at]
Also if there is a crash report, please email this to us also.
It will give us a better idea of what’s happening.

Does this happen with both USB and wifi connection?

Do the artifacts show on both the iPad and Mac? Or only the iPad side?

You can try a factory reset for Astropad—
Close Astropad’s Mac app.
Then hold option/alt key, while opening the Mac app again.
It will ask if you want a factory reset.


HI thanks for the good tip! The factory reset worked!

I didnt try USB and the artefacts came only on the iPad.

Happy here! Thanks!


Yay! Great that it’s working again!!

Thanks for letting us know :slight_smile: