Freezing after updates


I recently upgraded to the newest version of Astropad Studio (v3?)

I’m using a 2017 MacBook Pro and I have a 2nd display. When using 2nd display + Astropad, if I zoom my screen gets black boxes and then freezes.

Same thing happens when plugged into my MBP without using 2nd display .

I never had this issue until after the upgrade.
I’ve tried WiFi and USB connections. I’ve uninstalled and downloaded both Astropad products. Same thing keeps happening.

Any help would be appreciated.


Hello Duane,

I’m sorry to see you’re getting some odd performance with our new update. May I ask you to email us at so that we can track this issue with you? The engineering team would be interested in seeing this.


I’ll try it again. Sent one request on Thursday.


Is there a way to get V2 app for iPad and MacBook?


Hello Duane,

Yes there is! When you have the Luna application running, at the top in the menu bar, click on Luna Display, then hold down option while clicking Preferences. Then click on the debug tab and you should see an engine selector from there!


Astropad Studio is back to V2. Thanks for the help.