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Frank Underwood (House of Cards) portrait

I think I’ve been more than 10 years without drawing at all. With Astropad I’m becoming interested again in drawing so I bought the famous book “Drawing with the right side of the brain”. One of the exercises involves a profile portrait with a real model but I couldn’t wait to start it so I used a photo on another computer. I’m watching this tv show so I couldn’t help it :smile:

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Wow That’s great drawing! Thanks for sharing!

oh and speaking of Frank… I just watched episode 1 seasons 3. Damn it’s dark! what episode are you in?

Nice work! I need to break out my copy of Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain again. I got distracted from it while we shipped Astropad :smile:

I’m in the middle of season 3, so far so good :blush: Sometimes when they talk too much about politics I think about the great compositions, the photography is amazing, a great source of inspiration.

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If you haven’t seen True Detective, check that show out, the cinematography blew me away.

You can get a taste of the cinematography from the trailer:

Great start! Really looking forward to seeing this develop.

Season 3 (HoC) is really good. I love and hate Frank in equal measures. Some part of me likes to see him in hot water, but only to see how he gets out of it. Personally, I think the series is some of Kevin Spacey’s finest work.

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Would love to see a portrait of Claire too :smiley:

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