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Focus to window

in addition to full screen and global zoom functions, it would be great to lock the scope of astropad to a specific window and possibly toggle between multiple windows.

this way if there is a window I always want to see on the ipad (some palette or canvas) I can lock the view to it, then even if I move it around on the screen, astropad follows the window

Think of how screenshots work

Full Screen = apple-shift-3 ; This the same as the fullscreen zoom
some region = apple-shift-4 ; This is the same as the “edit” function in the floating window on the mac
specific window = apple-shift-4 then spacebar - this would lock the astropads field of view to the chosen window and all zooming would be limited to those boundaries


reducing the window management is a good idea. there is always a trade off when we introduce new features, between ease of use vs number of features.

This would be very handy … feature bloat :frowning:

This would be exceptional and I could easily see it in the drop down list for Astropad sizes on the Mac side, and in the zoom choices for the iPad client. I really appreciate the efforts to keep the features direct and simple, it is very easy to end up just filling the screen with useless buttons and menu drop downs that just frustrate users like myself. That said, this is a feature I think we would all benefit from, and to be honest would probably be the preferred view for applications in Astropad over defining a space on the screen.