Fix 12.9 inch iPad Pro screen issue!


The zoom function is a horrible solution to this issue.

Duet has solved this problem…

Are you guys going to solve this problem? You’ve known about it since the 12.9’ iPad came out yet you still boast that it works well on the 12.9 inch and have the 12.9 inch in your commercials featured with a full sized screen.

What’s the game plan here?

If there is not one I need a refund…


For refund, please send us an email to support so we can better assist with the process – support [at]

In our materials and videos, the workspace screen is set using Astropad’s “Move & Zoom”.
Usually on the Mac side, program menus and panels were placed and adjusted to fit for the iPad screen.
This information is also included in our tutorials and setup examples.

This is one of the reasons we’ve been working hard to create Luna Display; along with second display,
it helps Astropad, by properly adjusting the screen aspect ratios for the iPad side when used together.
As seen here –

Astropad is unusable on iPad 12.9 Inch!
Is there an actual work around for the 12.9 inch screen issue?