First painting with Astropad


Hello, just wanted to say how much I love Astropad. It’s really great. Will there ever be an option to use both a bluetooth stylus and your finger? I like being able to draw with my right and use the toolbar with my left. Just a thought.

Here’s my first painting with Photoshop and Kyle’s Watercolour Brushes.


That’s lovely! Thanks for sharing!!!

Using both finger input and stylus is a good idea. The main issue is trying to make it work well with palm rejection. We want the touch of your hards (i.e. the palm) to be rejected by the screen… so it is tricky.


This is a lovely illustration. Can’t wait to see what you do with the iPad Pro and Apple Pencil :smiley:


Great colors!! It kinda looks like one of the drawings apple featured for the iPad Pro.