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First Colour Character Doodles with Astropad

Hey Everyone,

Here are my first two character designs illustrated using Astropad. I’m using an Apple Pencil (just managed to get one yesterday - woohoo)!
The Pencil and iPad Pro are great and Astropad is brilliant so far too - I’ve enjoyed working on these illustrations whilst sat watching Netflix on an evening. It’s nice to draw digitally away from my Mac and Cintiq :smile:

I’m a children’s book illustrator and currently woking on a cowboy themed book (hence the two cowboy character designs above). I think Astropad, Photoshop, Apple Pencil and iPad Pro will fit nicely into my workflow.

Looking forward to drawing with Astropad more.




These are awesome Cowboys.

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Thanks you! :slight_smile: They were fun to draw character ideas for a new book I’m starting.

Great Work! I love to hear about you drawing these on your couch… Fantastic story! Let us know how your book develops

Thanks Giovanni :slight_smile: I like the way I can sketch and doodle whilst watching TV in the background. Drawing away from the workstation is pretty fun. It’s like doodling in a sketchbook for pure enjoyment and for ideas. I’m not too fussed about creating full artworks at the moment, but coming up with ideas etc that I can always finish later on my Mac.

I’ll try and keep you updated how things go :slight_smile:

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What lush, loose color work. Cheerful whimsy. Keep up the vision.

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Appreciated for the kind words, thanks! I haven’t had as much time as I’d like to play with Astropad this past week - deadlines before Christmas! Hopefully over the festive period I’ll dive in further :smiley: