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Feature Request: Customisable Multitouch Shortcuts

You know what would be really cool? To have the Ability to assign custom shortcuts to the gestures “two finger touch” and three Finger Touch".

What i would do with this is make my Astropad behave like the App “Procreate”: Two Finger touch = Undo, three Finger touch = Redo.

Another Idea for Photoshop Users: In PS (on OSX), holding down ctrl + option gives me the Ability to change brush size and feather on the fly (when having the brush tool selected). When i first set up Astropad, i tried assigning ctrl + option to one of the customisable Buttons, but it would not work. Having the modifier keys on the screen at all time is irritating and switching them on or off every time i want to adjust size and feather on the fly is complicated and costs time.

Imagine this: what if you could assign “hold ctrl + option” to the gesture “three finger touch and hold”. this would improve usability for PS Users immensely and i am sure that the ability to assign custom shortcuts to multitouch gestures (including holding down modifier Keys only) would help every User no matter what app they are using…

Just Ideas…

Cheers, Neyghey

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We appreciate the feedback.
We’ll take consideration for these ideas, as we develop.
Especially for improving shortcut compatibility and functionality.