FCPX - Secondary Display possible with iPad Pro/Astropad?



currently use Astropad Studio with iPad Pro/Pencil and Apple Motion but it would be great if I
could set up the iPad as a secondary display when using FCPX,
FCPX doesn’t seem to recognise the iPad as a potential display thru Astropad, is it possible or do i need to use the Duet app instead to achieve this?




I use a “dummy display” adapter to trick my Mac into thinking it has multiple screens, and then map Astropad to the secondary dummy screen with GPU acceleration. You can get those adapters for less than the cost of Duet Display.

The only tricky bit is getting Astropad to go to the secondary display (since you can’t see it to click on the “use this screen” button). I get around that by connecting to my Mac via VNC Viewer or screen sharing or whatever.

In the future, Luna Display will make this whole process much easier (and improve the second-screen use case of Astropad considerably).


Hi Luke,

Yes we are working on this! We found that in order to provide a reliable 2nd display experience we had to build hardware. So that’s exactly what we’ve done, we are working on a hardware adapter called Luna Display.

We’ll be shipping it later this year.

You can find out more about it here: https://blog.astropad.com/second-display/