Faster USB C to lightning cable now available for 12.9 iPad pro


How unfortunate!!! I was really looking forward to see the adapter work.

Did you connect the both cables? Lightning charging cable and a usb 3.0 male to male cable? I read in some forum that It doesn’t work properly without the power cable connected.


Yes. Tried with and without lightning cable. Nothing.


Aw shame! Did you connect both the cables with mac and not the charger?


I also tried the new USB-3 camera adapter with a lightning cable to my Mac and a dual male USB-3 cable also to the Mac. It’s only charging and no further connection seems to be working. Such a pity…


Good to know, I have the top of the line iMac 2012 with everything to the maximum specs (i7, nvidia gxt 680 2gb, 32 RAM) it can handle the future improvements of speed?


So are the major performance increases only for newer computers with new CPU and GPUs?


Well… Today I went down to Best Buy and tried plugging my 12.9" iPad Pro into one of their shiny new MacBook Pros. The ones with ONLY USB-C ports.

I used the Apple Lightning to USB-C adapter that I use with their fast charger. The one they claimed would allow faster transfers, but only with laptops using type-C ports.

Anyway, I plugged it in, pulled up the system report and… It listed the iPad as only being connected at the normal USB 2.0 speed of 480mbps.

So FU to Apple. They don’t sell any cables capable (or rather allowed) to connect the 12.9" iPP to a Mac at higher speeds than USB 2.0. Period. We can all stop trying to find the right adapter combination because the cable itself is crippled. The best we get is a USB 3.0 card reader.


I ordered this cable today (next paragraph) from Amazon. It is supposed to deliver 4.8 GB/sec. I’ll let you know if it does. I’m using the 10.5 inch iPad Pro and a 2017 MacBook Pro with the Apple cable and still getting the abysmal 480 Mb/S speed.

USB-C to Lightning Cable, Metrans USB 3.0 Type C to Lightning Sync &Data Cable Cord for iPhone iPad Connect to Macbook Pro 2016, MacBook 12-inch and other Type-C Devices (6FT,Red)


The cable arrived; it is a shielded cable rated to deliver 4.8 GB/sec on USB 3. I’m using the 10.5 inch iPad Pro and a fully tricked out MacBook Pro (13") that I bought just a few months ago. I’ve tried ever port on the MBPro. I’m still only getting 480 Mb/S. This must be an Apple hardware of firmware issue. What the heck are they doing?


This is from Apple’s own website:

“The USB-C to Lightning Cable supports data transfer at up to USB 2.0 (480 Mbps) speeds.”

Why the 3rd party (Metrans) cable I bought won’t deliver the faster speed, I don’t know unless Apple has deliberately throttled them down.


That is really frustrating… :confused: Thanks for the update though!