Faster USB C to lightning cable now available for 12.9 iPad pro


Great news! Apple has finally released a USB-C lightning cable which in theory should provide 10gbps data transfer speed. Do you think we will be able to harness the power of USB 3.0 to get more responsive screen with Astropad?


Only the Retina MacBook Air has a USB-C port that can use this for data transfers.

You can buy a 29W power supply from Apple for faster charging, but I’m still not finding a solution anywhere that connects this cable to my brand new iMac that only has USB 3.0 and Thunderbolt 2.0 ports.


I was expecting yesterday to see usb3 to lightning cable from Apple, but was disappointed.
I use my thunderbolt port for backups to my Lacie external disk.


I think we can use the third party usb-c to usb 3 adapter to use it universally. and I am sure we will soon see third party vendors to come up with a normal usb 3.0 cable soon.


Apple also just released the Lightning to USB 3 Camera Adapter which has a USB 3.0 port next to a lightning port. It’ll allow you to plug a USB 3.0 cable in one side and a lightning cable on the other side (to power peripherals that need it). They aren’t available in stores yet, so I just ordered one.


Finally found the right adapter after searching all day:

I’ll see how well it works with the new Apple cable on Friday when it gets to me. :wink:


Mmmm…maybe you shouldn’t use the Lemeng adapter. Perhaps there’s a reason this type of adapter is so hard to find:

Last entry here:


I’ve done the same, hopefully it will do what we want. :slight_smile:


Your source seems to be saying that the converter isn’t a good idea because a user could use two of them to set up an unsafe condition by using a USB-C cable as a bridge between two USB-A ports which might both attempt to charge the other. That’s not the case we’re talking about when connecting a iPPro to a USB-A 3.0 port using this adapter.

Worst case, we get USB 2.0 speeds and no charging.


Well, no joy with the new cable using the Lemeng adapter. The system report still says 480Mbit/Sec, same as USB 2.0. I went ahead and did some doodling in Photoshop, and the refresh speed is exactly the same as before.

It does charge at least, but no better than the existing Lighting to USB cable that came with the IPPro does.

Oscar will have to let us know if the Camera Adapter can get us connected at USB 3.0 speeds or not.


Ah!! Damn! I guess you should give it back and try the usb 3.0 camera adapter and see if its any better. Or is it possible for you to go to Apple store/friend who has a usb-c Macbook air and try astropad to check where the bottleneck is?


I think we need real lightning connection on the lPad pro to get usb3 data flow.



Just curious. Check to see if you have a startup disk selected properly on your Mac. If not, USB 3 usually gets switched off. I know this from using external SSDs on Mac Mini’s.

If a startup disk is not physically selected. Select it and reboot. Then see if the USB adapter and Apple cable work at the faster speed. If not then Apple is either stopping it through software or the cable Apple created is not USB 3.


Apple just produced a Lightning USB 3 to Camera Adapter. Looks like with right extender you might get USB 3.0 speeds.

It will largely depend on two things, finding the right USB 3.0 male end of both ends & if/when Astropad would support it.

The adapter is 40.00 dollars and it will probably be an other $10 to find the right cable.

It should be noted that Astropad is designed to be untethered via WiFi.


I just saw this too (Lighting USB 3.0 Powered port to Camera adapter). Apple says it can be used for other things. Hopefully it will work for those wanting a faster tethered connection.


Nope. No change after re-picking the startup disk. 480Mb = 60MB though, so theoretically we could have 20x faster transfer speeds over USB 2.0 than we’re currently getting. Seems to me it’s a processing bottleneck on the iMac end, though I have 4 very fast cores for Astropad to work with.


Mathematically 480Mb = 60MB, but maximum sustainable rates are rarely ever achieved.


Hi everyone,

Getting Astropad to run at peak performance can be complicated, as there are three potential performance bottlenecks: the Mac, the iPad or the connection between the two. In most cases, the bottleneck isn’t the connection (USB or Wifi) but instead is usually the Mac or iPad.

Now if you have an iPad Pro and a very powerful Mac, the USB connection may be the bottleneck. In the case of the Retina MacBook (2015), which is the only Mac currently to have USB-C, it isn’t powerful enough to take advantage of USB3 + Astropad.

The good news is we are working on major performance improvements to Astropad right now. We are further tuning Astropad for the latest CPU and the GPUs, so that you’ll get an even more responsive experience. These software improvements will also allow us to take advantage of USB3 once it’s rolled out to more new Macs that are powerful enough to drive Astropad at peak performance.

So in short, USB3 isn’t a silver bullet. Instead, a combination of USB3, software improvements and ever faster hardware will improve Astropad responsiveness.


Hi, thank you so much for moer info on this.

I really wish if we can use the USB 3 camera adapter as usb 3.0 connection with powerful machine like Retina iMac and 15" Macbook pro.

Maybe you guys can list Macs that works best with Astropad as PC game industry lists recommended pc configurations. In future updates you can advice users to go to a link where you show the recommended Hardware and settings.


USB 3 camera adapter arrived today and I thought I’d see what happened when I plugged it in to the iPad pro and the iMac and …

Nothing. iMac doesn’t detect there is anything plugged in.