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Enter password into mac lock screen?

i can’t seem to find a way to unlock my imac via astropad by entering my password. i must be missing something obvious, but i’m not able to do it and a search here doesn’t turn anything up.

i keep my mac locked when not in use. how can i enter my password from astropad?


Not having a problem here. My Mac times out to blank screen. I bring up Astropad and press the shift key to get its attention, and I see the pw entry box on Astropad. If I’m close enough my Apple watch will sign in.

I generally use the ipad smart keyboard, and typing my pw there works fine. I think I’ve used the onscreen keyboard too, no problem.

Any clue as to what is different w/your setup?

Thanks for reply Weezimp… I’m too distant for my watch to unlock the iMac… I use 2 displays on the iMac, but I do see the pw screen on the iPad. I’ll try adding a Bluetooth keyboard and see if that works. Plenty of extra keyboards around… I’ve also been using enter to get the pw screen to come up so I’ll try shift instead and post what happens.

Hitting shift did the trick. Thanks!

Hi there, I have the same problem…when my Mac goes to screensaver and I revive it. The Shift shortcut gets a cursor to the password box but no onscreen keyboard appears. I’ve enabled onscreen keyboard on the Mac but it is not visible in the password entry screen. Am I missing something?
I use Astropad Standard on iPad Pro 9.7 iOS 12.3.1
MacBook Pro Retina 13”
MacOS Mojave 10.14.5