Emailed Support yesterday but have not heard back

I didn’t receive a support ticket either. I’ll post my email to you below:

Hi, I have had many problems on and off with my wifi connection. However I decided to go with the USB- it was working and then after some time, 20-30 minutes it was spiking to 5000ms and cutting out. When I would view the connection in Astro Pad and see this spiking, it would also flash the usb icon off and show the WiFi icon. This was really odd. I decided to turn off wifi on both my iMAc and my iPad but this would still happen.

What could cause this over a usb connection?


Ummmmmmm? Is this community monitored by AstroPad? Are we using vapor-ware?

Maybe they’d be more responsive on Twitter or their Luna hardware forum.

An unreliable USB hub between the two devices could be a potential source of disruption, straining the effective data throughput. Excessive CPU activity on the computer could also be a problem, at least in the case of the USB channel bandwidth. From the iPad side, I think the only meaningful troubleshooting tactic is a reboot.

Hi Cyzor,

Thanks I’m not using a hub and I have restarted my iPad. It happens but not all the time. I’m wondering if it’s a bottle neck on my iMac. I have the activity monitor running to see if I can find any correlation.

Also I meant to follow up- I have heard from AstroPad. In the past it was a much different process.