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Effectiveness by iPad model

I’m aware that the far-and-away best combination for using Astropad is with a USB-connected iPad Pro w/ Apple Pencil, but I’m curious as to how effective the software is when using a non-Pro model.

  1. Do more recent iPads (with newer, faster processors) suffer from less lag/pixelation than do older ones?
  2. Are iPad minis poor choices for Astropad because they can’t capture much of a Mac’s screen?
  3. Does the Mac’s processor speed/RAM affect Astropad’s smoothness?

Any insight on those questions would be greatly appreciated.

I used a iPad Air 2 with Pen 53 and it worked great on my 2013 MBP and 2016 MBP. I did not notice any lag or problems.
Now i run the new iPad Pro 10.5 with apple pencil and new iMac 2017, and i think the biggest difference is the pens accuracy!

I use a mini 2 with Macbook Air and don’t notice any lag at all.