E-book covers made with Astropad


Hey, here are two e-book covers I’ve made with Astropad, iPad Air, Wacom Creative Stylus and Photoshop 2015.


That’s super cool! Thanks for sharing. How are you liking the Wacom Creative Stylus (Is it the one with the fat rubber tip or the newer one?)?


I got Wacom Creative Stylus 1, the one that you’ve recommended on your site.
I like it. The experience varies from app to app - some apps have problems picking up lighter strokes, so you have to press really hard, but it works really well with Astropad and Procreate, and those are the ones I’m using the most.


Here’s two more I’ve done using the same tools. I’ve gotta say, the more I work with Astropad, the more I like it.


These are awesome! Very minimal.