Drawing slowly with illustrator


Hi everyone, I’m having trouble using pencil with illustrator.
I connected the IPad Pro with the Mac Book Pro via wi-fi, but the pencil stroke always comes late! I can’t work like this.
If this problem continues I want to delete myself from Astropad, it’s useless.
Did the same thing happen to someone and solve it?


In my experience, Illustrator is just as responsive with Astropad as a typical Wacom device.

Maybe try switching to a basic brush preset with no tilt, bearing, or artistic effects to see if performance can improve. Illustrator’s cursor tracking can degrade under CPU-intensive conditions, such as smart guides/snapping in complex artwork, dense blob brush object editing, demanding object effects, or high-resolution effects rasterization settings.

Keep an eye on CPU and memory consumption in /Applications/Utilities/Activity Monitor.app to rule out anything nefarious occurring in the background.