Drag, Drop, Scroll?


Am I missing something… or is there any way to adjust the drag/drop of the Apple Pencil. When I am navigating, I am accidentally picking up files and folders and misplacing them on my Mac.

Part of this issue is because I intuitively want to be able to scroll through folders, webpages, etc with my pencil…like I would on my trackpad, or middle mouse scroll button. I know I can scroll with 2 fingers, but it would be nice to be able to scroll with my pencil.

Anyone have any work around or ideas?


In your Mac’s System Preferences > Accessibility > Mouse & Trackpad;
if you adjust some of the settings in Trackpad Options does this change Pencil picking up/misplacing files and folders?


I don’t have any solutions, but I have some ideas to explore.

I use BetterTouchTool to map 3-finger clicks as middle-mouse-button. It can interact with different mouse, trackpad and keyboard input.

I just started using Hammerspoon and Karabiner-Elements so that I can use Caps Lock as a modifier key, for my own custom keyboard shortcuts. Karabiner-Elements is able to remap keyboard keys into very special functionality. And Hammerspoon can do all sorts of awesome stuff to control your Mac.

I do like you and use middle-mouse on my Wacom tablet to scroll through webpages. I wonder if this behaviour can be triggered by a special key-stroke in Karabiner. For example, whenever Caps Lock is pressed down, clicking is temporarily disabled and it will act as if you are middle-scrolling. These programs are difficult to configure, but I think they might have all the functionality to achieve this.


Thanks Malyse. I did try this before and unfortunately it did not work. I have since learned what I am actually looking for is a “Trackpad”, feature. I know there is the hover feature… but I am not sure if this is at all similar.


We’re working on improving scrolling with Apple Pencil.
Are you having this issue when using the scroll bars with Pencil as well?

Have you tested the hover feature yet?