Does Astropad work with Mesh Routers?

I am considering upgrading my Velop 2 band mesh router, question is do I have so many problems with latency because of a mesh system? Could it be because its not tri-band? I am considering the Zenwifi from asus. Any recommendations of what works and what doesn’t would be appreciated.


I guess I could follow up with “maybe” its my ipad (first gen pro) as I also have latency issues when connected via usb. However I want to update my router and dont want to make a anti-astropad choice.

Hello Jim!

Unfortunately our information with mesh routers is very limited. We know that some users have gotten it to work with no problem while other users aren’t so lucky. For example, one of our bosses uses a Eero mesh setup at home with no hitches whatsoever, but another user having the same set wasn’t able to connect at all.

This leads us to believe that the routers used itself may not be the problem (although it very well could be), but other factors may be involved. When setting up your mesh, we would ask just to make sure you strategically place the nodes so that your devices are more likely to connect to the same node.

But you do bring up a good point in your second post. It is entirely possible that the first gen iPad pro may be a little old. Something you can do right away to help alleviate some of the lag is to go to our advanced settings on Astropad. To get there, on the Mac application, hold option while clicking on Preferences from the menu bar. If done successfully, you’ll see a tab called “Debug”.

From there, under Liquid Engine, change it to V2 and let us know if you see a difference.

Thanks for the info! I’ll give it a try. I also wonder- is it advantageous to have my iMac plugged in with ethernet vs. wifi? Do you have a recommendation as to the best pipe for Astropad?

Thanks again.


​Yes, it would be advantageous to have your iMac connected via Ethernet. By doing so, you’re guaranteeing the Mac a good connection. The only variable at this point would be the wireless connectivity of the iPad.