Does Astropad support the new iPad? (+ keyboard shortcuts questions)


I am looking to use Astropad on the new 2018 9.7" iPad as a “tablet” for Photoshop CC running on my iMac.

But will Astropad Studio support the new 2018 iPad (as it’s not an iPad Pro but it does have Apple Pencil compatibility)?

Secondly, the Astropad manual says that users can create up to 8 customisable shortcut buttons. However I use a lot more than that in my Photoshop workflow.

So a couple of questions:

  1. Is there a way to make more than 8 keyboard shortcuts, or can I activate the iPad’s keyboard while using Astropad to enter them?
  2. If I pair the iPad with a bluetooth keyboard are all my regular Photoshop shortcuts available with Astropad Studio? What about with Astropad Standard?

Astropad looks like a great solution but obviously I don’t want to purchase it unless it does what I need.

Thanks in advance for your help.


The new 6th gen iPad will work with both versions of Astropad.

Astropad Standard can have up to 8 customized shortcuts. Astropad Studio has unlimited shortcuts.
Both versions work with keyboards connected directly to your Mac.
Only Studio works with iPad-compatible keyboards.

Shortcut commands can be accessed from the keyboard side.

For more info on the differences between Studio and Standard –


Thanks - looking forward to becoming a user.