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Cursor moving while the pencil doesn't touch the screen

Right now the cursor moves only when the pen touches the iPad screen, so you’re not able to guide it when you look only at your computer screen.
It would be really handy if the cursor was following the pencil moves while it is just above the screen but not touching it. It would then be possible to work looking at the Mac screen and use it sometimes as a mouse. I was very surprise it doesn’t already.
Sorry for my English

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This feature would be tricky,
since the hardware (iPad and stylus) doesn’t have built-in support for “hover” / cursor moving.
That’s why information from the stylus only registers when it touches the screen.

No need to apologies, your English is fine :slight_smile:

This goes hand in hand with pressure curves basically, where the minimum pressure for a mark needs to be higher than what is needed for cursor movement on the screen?

It would certainly be a good feature.

Is it tricky, but possible? The function would be very useful

@gazometr For Astropad Studio, we could only take advantage of the
accuracy of iPad Pro + Apple Pencil setup, and simulate “hover” as a workaround;
since for iPad, information is registered from the stylus only when it touches the screen.

“Pen hover” without touching the screen at all, is not possible unless the hardware has support.

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Well that sucks. It kind of makes astropad useless as an alternative to a wacom tablet. There goes $30.

I would find this feature very useful for creating screen recorded presentations. There could be a button on the iPad that you press to simply move the mouse around the screen.

So for a right-handed person…

  1. touch the button on Astropad iPad App with a finger on your left hand
  2. use the Apple Pencil in your right hand to move the cursor around the screen

As soon as you stop touching the button, the pencil movements will draw.

@parleer This is actually a function in Astropad Studio’s Magic Gestures, simulating hover.
More information can be seen here:

It works by holding fingers onscreen and moving Apple Pencil to move the cursor.

Exactly what i need as i thought this would be a replacement for my now broken Wacom. Guess i need to buy another Wacom and not this software