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CRYING Baby by Alex Lam Photo Design

OK here is something that I just did it in about an hour, I borrow from my friend his wacom CS version 1 and I hack his pen by making a tiny whole in the center of the NIB than I insert the Adonis JOT NIBs that way I can see where is my tips going to apply my adjustment. As you can see the pressure sensitivity WORKS but I like the WACOM tablet better don’t get me wrong painting on top of a glass is wired but I need to adapt myself more is a little bit jag when you draw the PEN go first than the effect will apply in about 2 second later… Than I connect my iPad with the lightning to USB cable onto my MAC than I draw again no more delay instantly follow my pen direction.


Drama! Thanks for sharing

I need to buy a new Nib for my friend Wacom Pen… :grin:

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