Connect via USB or WiFi?


I’m planning to get Astropad in the near future and was wondering whether there’s any advantages or disadvantages to how you connect your devices together, especially on public WiFi networks?



As a user of Astropad for several months I can say that the best way to connect is via USB if you are drawing and want fully responsive, almost Wacom style fluidity. It’s still good on wireless connection but USB is best. Often when I draw on wireless some artifacts come up as the link isn’t fast enough, and for context the internet I have at home is fiber optic and managed by beamforming AirPort routers, and my Mac and iPad are right next to each other on my workspace. I’m assuming it might be worse on public WiFi due to the often terrible speeds but I haven’t tried, and for the small price of taking a Lightning-to-USB cable around I can have a virtually lag free experience so yeah.

I do recommend Astropad if you’re planning on it btw, I like having pen pressure and tilt in my Photoshop without having to pay for a Wacom :slight_smile: