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Configurable Gesture: Two-finger Tap

I’d like to suggest a configurable gesture, the two-finger tap.

Personally I’d like it to be set to “undo” in all of the apps I use (by default). A great app that implements this is Procreate for iPad. Makes undoing strokes fast and easy, rather than search for the undo button or keeping a hand on my computers keyboard. But I imagine that other folks might use this gesture for other actions, so allowing it to be configured would be great. :slight_smile:

Really pleased with Astropad 2! Thanks!


Yup that’s a great idea & a common request. Working on it!

Giovanni Donelli
Cofounder & Head of Product

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Awesome!! Can’t wait! :smiley:

My muscle memory does a two finger tap even though nothing happens. I too would love to see this feature implemented. Thanks! Joe

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Exactly, I use procreate so much that I always try to two finger tap and then nothing happens. It takes a little bit for my brain to go, oh wait Astropad! Plus that could free up a customizable button making the exact amount I need to do animations. :wink:

Yes, I do the 2 finger tap on many apps without thinking. That’s a great request.

Might as well throw in a suggestion for both 2 and 3 finger tap (for undo and redo like procreate)

Good call! Add the 3 finger tap for redo! :blush:

I’d also love this! There’s lots of good gestures from procreate you can use as inspiration - my dream is having support for the gestures in procreate on astropad - then i wouldnt need to keep one hand on the keyboard as i draw.