Color difference on IPad Pro


I am using the latest Ipad Pro, 12" version. The colors are muted. I am a professional photographer and color rendition is very important. First I thought that it might be the calibration of the ipad, but when I view the exact same image on the ipad without Astropad the color is there, not exactly the same as my calibrated monitor but close enough. Also, I noticed that when zoomed in on the photograph using Photoshop CC with it and I use the two finger method on the ipad to move around the color comes back but as soon as I stop moving the photo become muted again which leads me to believe that it is the Astropad app. Is there a way to correct this issue?


Hi Jeff,

Are you using Astropad Studio or Astropad Standard?

Is Night Shift enabled on your iPad or Mac at all?
And since you have one of the latest iPad Pro, is “True Tone” setting on?


I am using Astropad Studio.
Night shift is Off.
True Tone is on.


Hi Jeff,

What kind display are you running Astropad off of? And do you know what color profile you have set for that display?



I am using a MacBook Pro which has been color calibrated using colormunki


Just came here to report this exact same thing. I’m on an iMac (late 2014 5k version) and the colors in astropad studio are noticeably less saturated on the 2nd gen iPad pro compared to the iMac screen.


I too have the same issue. Am on a 27" late 2013 iMac and have 12.9" iPad Pro, and even after calibrating my iMac (Colormunki Display), notice color saturation is much different while in Astropad on the iPad than iMac.

Are there any good calibrating apps for iPad pro, and if so, would that resolve the issue?



If True Tone is on, we would recommend disabling it and seeing if there is any difference.

If the Mac or iPad has Night Shift enabled, we would recommend turning that off as well.

For calibration, we haven’t tested with color munki, but it’s good for us to help us narrow down this issue.


Thx Malyse, tried both suggestions, still considerable color saturation difference.


Any other suggestions?


I agree. My 2017 MacBook pro and 10.5 iPad pro look very different, with the iPad (astropad) being much more washed out / desaturated. True Tone and Nightshift are off.


Any follow-up to this?


2011 iMac running 10.13.3. No night shift. Standard display profile for iMac.
2018 iPad 9.7. No true tone. Night shift off.

Same issue.


Had the sampe problem and deactivated color sync in the astropad app.

Now it has the same tone as my macbook pro display !


I still have this problem with iPad Pro 2018 and MacBook Pro 2018, Color sync doesn’t help, night mode and True Tone off… All reds look a bit more orange, some greens look more lime green etc. It’s a bit shifted


I have the same problem with my macbook pro 2017 and ipad pro 2018. Astropad change the saturacion and profile color of the ipad. The colorsync option no makes any diference on the ipad display. We need a solution, is impossible to edit photos whit this color sciene