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Color calibration [FIXED in v2.1]

It is possibele via astorpad to creatie a Color profile of the iPad pro via spyder pro 5 .icc profile. Is there Some chance that you can add the possibility to add a color profile to astropad to match the screen of the iPad pro or iMac or MacBook. It would be very nice to heave the possibility to match the colors of both screens by calibration.

Color and image quality is really important to us. We definitely want to provide better color calibration options, we just havent had the time to focus on it yet. We will do better in 2016!

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I’ve also been looking into this as I have the Spyder 5 Elite - very disappointed to find out from Datacolor that they have no plans to offer iPad calibration in version 5 despite it being available in version 4. If there was some way Astropad could facilitate this it would be brilliant. I’ll try playing around tomorrow and see if I can find a workaround.

Thanks for the replies,
A workaround could be to add te created color profile of the Ipad pro in Astropad on the mac before sending the image of the Mac screen to the I-pad. So you do the color correction/calibration on the Mac and not on the I-pad.

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That’s what I tried out today - recalibrated the external monitor first and then connected with Astropad. It is definitely better and colours are not that far out so whilst a native solution would be ideal, it might be possible to create a custom profile on the Mac to match the colours and then just load that whilst using Astropad. Will try that out next

Colormunki can calibrate the iPad as long as the software uses their colortrue api.

Tried again with this today - first calibrating both MBP screen and Thunderbolt display whilst Astropad was connected then tried again with the Spyder5 calibrator on the iPad screen - that gave some really odd results :wink:

Re-calibrated the monitors and did a Studio Match, this time using Spyder Tune to match as closely as possible with the iPad Pro. Best results so far with colours pretty much spot on but just not as punchy, as no contrast controls on the IPP.

Hopefully this might give the Astropad team some ideas.

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Might have a little better joy with calibration when ios9.3 comes out due to its “Night Shift” feature.

This feature adjusts the colour temp of the screen depending on the time of day, but it can be manually set. The main issue I find with the apple devices is that the colours are too cool. Using the X-Rites Coloutrue gallery with my images tends to prove that theory.

Will be interesting to see if this helps.

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Apparently since 9.3 came out, iOS now supports ColorSync so ICC profiles can be used to calibrate the screens.

Hope this means a potential to calibrate Astropad in the future (hint hint)

Do we have any more news on this?

This is a more difficult issue that we’ve constantly been investigating.

iPad has had limited color calibrating options. With the releases of iPad Pro models, and updates of iOS,
this has more promising possibilities for improved color support.

But will take time to develop and refine though.
We appreciate all the patience with this issue.

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Thanks for the update. Good to know you are working on it - look forward to hearing more.

Thanks. Great to know its on the roadmap!

Any update on this? Last reply was back in July and I’m wondering if you are making progress on this, especially now that the new Macbooks have P3 displays.

We are making progress in having better colors (early 2017), but True True P3 not very likely to come soon.
It’s actually really hard to do. But we are on it.

oh okay, so what does better colors mean then? and thanks for the reply

P3 has a lot more information about colors than a regular sRGB display. There are tricks that can be played in the conversion from P3 -> sRGB space to maintain more of the richness. Again we are looking into it and reading a number of Phd papers on the topic.

We love colors and image quality at Astropad. We have our top astro dogs working on it.

I did a simple experiment on my iPad with Astropad and two other VNC applications (Mocha VNC Lite and VNC Viewer). Of each application I made a screen dump, I made a fourth screen dump of my Mac’s screen. This way I was able to compare the four screens. All three iPad screen dumps differ from the Mac screen. The Astropad’s screen dump clearly shows the most washed out colors, lack of saturation. Therefore I think the first priority in this respect should be on Astropad as such and not on color profiles (neither on the Mac nor on the iPad).

We just released Astropad v2.1, it has some major color improvements.
Can you check it out and let us know how it looks now?


Giovanni Donelli
Cofounder & Head of Product

Today I repeated my experiment on my iPad with Astropad and two other VNC applications (Mocha VNC Lite and VNC Viewer). Of each application I made a screen dump, I made a fourth screen dump of my Mac’s screen. This way I was able to compare the four screens. Now the Astropad’s screen dump shows the most resemblance to the Mac screen. The other two apps show more difference from the Mac screen. Well done Astropad.

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