Color calibration and screen resolution


Dear Astropad team,

Congratulations on the program. It’s proving a big hit in both pro and amateur communities. That’s a big win in my book. Though currently I’m a bit unhappy about the functionality of the program.

Issue 1.

Bad color calibration for the iPad Pro 12,9" model. Using my tablet for Lightroom, and any other programs, the colours are completely off. For photography that’s a pain in the behind of the; “I’d like to return my iPad Pro and pencil please, and a refund on astropad whould be nice too” kind.
But let’s be fair and say that you guys are doing a bang up job and I’d really just stick with solution.

PLEASE ADD COLOR CALIBRATION SUPPORT or at least mimick the right colours of off the tethered computer I’m using. Because even an Xrite solution isn’t the way to go especially not if you’re looking at 200/250€ minimum for a decent screen calibrator to be iPad compatible. And support isn’t confirmed yet (as far as I’ve been reading up on it).

Issue 2.

Screen resolution is completely off on NON- retina/xK screens. Think MacBook Air and non retina Pro models. The example I can give is Lightroom and photoshop on a MBA 13" late '15. The photo displayed on screen looks okay-ish. Very -ishish… But when it comes down to the lettering and sliders (especially on Lr) it’s a no go. Like looking at a unfocused photograph. For the first five minutes it’s annoying… After that, it starts to get me a headache.

Please fix this nice people of Astropad.


Sorry for the unhappiness.

Color is very important to us and we are investigating ways to improve this.

Astropad uses sRGB color profile.
We currently support Apple ColorSync,
but the issue is that iPad screens are not calibrated to begin with.
It’s a challenging problem, and we’re striving for a quality solution.

For the screen resolution issue, please send us a screenshot at support[at],
so we can get a better idea of the issue.


Thanks for the quick reply, email sent.

Kind regards.


I have issue 1 too, on an iPad 4 running iOS 9.3.1 and a Macmini6,1 running OS X 10.10.5.

This is what your marketing info, on this site, says:

LIQUID is true to your source material with color corrected output and retina resolution. What you see on your iPad is the same as on your Mac.

But at least on my system this is not the case at all.

I have one hardware-calibrated (using NEC SpectraViewII and an X-Rite i1Display Pro) wide-gamut display and one sRGB display, side by side. Both are profiled (and the sRGB display also corrected) using DisplayCAL and an X-Rite i1Display Pro. If I compare the same image on Photoshop CS6, containing only colours inside the sRGB colour space, on my two displays, the colours look almost exactly the same, but when I look at the same image on the Astropad iOS app, mirroring my wide-gamut display, the colours look severely desaturated. I get similar results just looking at e.g. my desktop background image through Astropad. If I use a VNC client such as Screens on my iPad, the colours actually look much more correct than with Astropad, although Screens is probably not colour managed at all. There is obviously something seriously wrong with Astropad’s colour management, at least with my setup. These discrepancies are much too severe to be caused by my particular iPad’s colour reproduction possibly being a bit off from the sRGB standard.

Astropad uses sRGB color profile.

The new 9.7" iPad Pro uses the DCi P3 colour space, which is very different from sRGB, so you should probably not use an sRGB colour profile in that case.

iPad screens are not calibrated to begin with.
It’s a challenging problem, and we’re striving for a quality solution.

X-Rite has a solution called ColorTRUE that addresses this issue:


I am new with astropat, but I have the same issues, especially with the resolution, I am an illustrator and I almost died when I saw my work pixelated on the ipad screen. Photoshop does not work, some large squares of different colors appeared in my work (on the ipad) Please,
help me. I believe in you.

I have Ipad and Macbook Pro.


@AdrianaKF What is the year and exact model of your MacBook Pro?
Also iPad model? And Photoshop version in use?

What Mac OS and iOS is running on your devices?

Is this performance the same over USB and wifi connection?