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Canvas area using Apple Pencil (palm rejection) while tools area using finger (choosing layers etc)

if Astropad can use certain area to mirror the display, why not customize the area for drawing, and for tools. This is like “iOS Guided Access” feature to lock certain area we can touch and can’t touch. so to choosing layers, colors, effects etc we can just touch it with finger, while the canvas area (or drawing area) still need an apple pencil. i’m currently using Astropad Studio with Affinity Designer. Thankyou

Thanks for the feedback.
So, instead of using Apple Pencil to select tools and UI on the Mac side, being able to use touch instead?


Isn’t iPad Pro already able to sense the difference between Pencil and finger tap?

Correct! I thought like you before.
My first idea was to differentiate input between Pencil and fingers, like in Procreate app.
but I’m realized that Astropad is just sending that input information to the Mac, and Mac can’t recognize the difference.
Both inputs are acting the same as a pointer, that’s why Astropad let you choose one.

if Astropad allows us to use both, then how magic gestures works? ( one finger down and Pencil drawing on screen will activate eraser )

So my idea now is to map the whole area into two separated areas:

  1. is for the Pencil to draw, wich means to reject any finger touch except magic gestures.

  2. is the area you can touch with your fingers such as for color picker without activating magic gestures.

That way you can easily use both, Pencil for drawing with one hand, while another hand choosing a color for example.

For now, Astropad just detects whether you are using an Apple Pencil or not, if yes, then it will reject any touch input except for Magic Gestures, zooming and panning.

sorry for my English

@Marcellino No need for apologies, your English is fine :slight_smile:
Thanks for the further explanation and mock up.

Again, we appreciate the ideation. It’s an interesting idea for us to consider, can definitely see the advantages of this.

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